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Our Approach

Analyze Your Business

We run a diagnostic on your website and analyze 750+ key metrics to help you understand your how you’re doing relative to competitors

Determine Key Actions

We identify opportunities to improve your marketing and prioritize your action items based on the impact they will have on your business

Sit Back and Grow

Have a coffee and relax. We’ll implement software and services on your behalf and monitor performance to help you gain new customers


Simple. Affordable. Effective

$1 a day + 14 day free trial

Our trial is designed so that Popmetrics has a chance to get to know you and to make an impact.

If youʼre not impressed, stop by our office for a complementary coffee.

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About Popmetrics

We are a technology company based out of San Francisco and Bucharest.

Using business data, marketing and A.I, we help smaller companies grow into bigger businesses